Thursday, August 10, 2006

More of the animals

Holly & Hope are my Angora goats. Holly was given to me for Christmas in 2004. It seemed appropriate to name her Holly. We didn't know if she was pregnant, but one April morning when I went to the barn, I heard what sounded like a human baby crying outside !!

Lo and behold, we had baby Hope.

These "kids" vests came in handy when I had them sheared during cold weather.

Nina is one of my original sheep. She's a Romney & gives me wonderful fleeces. She gave me a little white lamb this spring. I named her Lily. I kept her. Lily's twin brother , Luke was black. Sadly he had to go to market. It sucks to be a boy !!


Baby Lily

The father of Nina's children is a registered colored Romney. He is like a big old dog, always by my side wanting to be petted.There have been times when he has rushed at me from behind so I try to keep an eye on him


Blogger Mary said...

Nina is gorgeous! She is as perfect as a picture! I will tell you a little funny thing about how I can relate to Nina....when I was a little girl, my siblings teased and called me "Nina", but pronounced with a long "I". So it's funny to me to see that name.

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