Sunday, September 25, 2016


Yes, I have been so remiss in keeping up with my site!! Please forgive me! Will try to do better ( I know, I've said that before!!) Have been extremely busy with life.I am working a lot now doing house cleaning and other jobs.. Right now I have to go feed my animals and get to Church..
But I will be back..

Monday, November 14, 2011

November Happenings

What a busy time of year!! 16 1/2" of snow a couple of weeks ago. So much shoveling !! Last month we had the NH wool Tour of which I'm a participant at Spinner Farm in Deering. We had a beautiful weekend as far as weather goes and very enjoyable time with friends and fellow fiber people. Sales were down for me personally and it may be due to the fact that S.O.A.R. was in Manchester this year. They are not on our side of the world that often and when they are, people flock to it. I would love to have gone too!!!.
Also last month was the VT. Sheep and Wool Festival in Tunbridge, VT.
I enjoyed that immensely and bought my very first cashmere roving ( a whopping $22 per oz. I purchased 1 oz. I am spinning it on my Tom Forester cashmere russian support spindle.
Have just started using support spindles. My first was a russian made by Spindizzychick. Then I got the cashmere russian and then a French, Russian Hybrid made by Lisa Chan which I love and lastly a wonderful Surprise Spindle made by Bristlecone in Colorado. It has a glass base with a yellow flower in the center. Breathtaking!!
Also at the Vt. Sheep and Wool Festival, I purchased 2 Jacob lambs from. a friend and fellow spinner. I have named them Emma and Angie.
I attended the 2nd annual NE fiber Festival in West Springfield ,MA this month with the Sugar River Spinners. It was a great day!!
Yesterday was our monthly meeting of Sugar River Spinners in Newport.
We had a great turnout and feasted on crackers,cheese,dips, fruit and desserts.
This coming weekend is the NHSWGA annual meeting in Boscowen with a lamb supper. And Sunday is the Conn. Weavers Guild meeting.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Support Spindles

I recently purchased 2 support spindles. My friend Maureen has been showing off her support spindles at our weekly spinning get togethers. She has several beautiful ones. She constantly adds to her collection. I had never spun on one so decided to get one to try. I ordered a Russian spindle on Etsy from Spindizzychick. It's made from Blood wood and is great. I also got a wood bowl to support it and that is made of leopard wood. I then ordeed a Cashmere Russian spindle from Tom Forrester made of silk wood. I've been spinning Angora on that one. Now I'm hooked!!!! I have another on order from Lisa Chan. It's a hybrid Russian/French support spindle.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April News

I have been taking riding lessons from Spinner Farm in Deering. I go every Tuesday morning. I have ridden 4 different horses in the stable. I've been on 3 trail rides so far and am getting better at the jog.
I've joined a weaving group called Thrumbs Up.. It's a new group and all are welcome. I'm a beginner weaver and this group encourages us. Today I went to Harrisville for our monthly meeting & we had a tour of the Harrisville Mill by the owner, Chip. It was so interesting.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back Again

I don't know why I have such a hard time keeping up to date with my postings, but I do.Since I last posted I have had back surgery in September, my palomino Quarter horse died Oct. 1st, got a new kitten Oct.2nd., had to have my little Angora goat, Houdini put down the day before Christmas because of Kidney stones.
I'm not working at this time. I was working as an LNA at the Sullivan County Nursing home in Unity, but got done there last February. Now I'm at home tending the animals I have left. I have 2 horses, 3 Angora goats, one Shetland/Icelandic ewe, 4 dogs and 2 cats.
I have been taking horseback riding lessons from Spinner Farm in Deering every Tuesday morning.
Wednesday evenings I have a group of ladies that come at 7:00 pm and we spin or knit ,enjoy snacks and each others company.
The first Sunday of every month it's off to Newport for the Sugar River Spinning group , the second Thursday of the month is for knitting at the Fiber Studo with the Needles & Shuttles Fiber Guild, and the 3rd Tuesday it's knitting at the Antrim library.
At this time I'm trying to get prepared for the NH Sheep & Wool Festival, where I have a booth. So it's lots of dyeing, spinning, knitting,etc.
Monday,I will be looking at another horse to see if it's suitable for me to ride.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Sharing content with public pages

Sharing content with public pages

3 Little pigs

We do have an addition to our small farm. We purchased 3 pigs May 29th. They are being housed in the back part of barn where I use to keep my rams. They have a nice fenced in area to root about in ( which they do nicely )

3 Little pigs

We do have an addition to our little farm !! 3 pigs were purchased May 29th. They are being housed in the back part of barn where I use to keep my rams. They have a nice fenced in area to root about in ( and they are doing a great job at that )

Wound Update

Every other stitch was taken out on June 1st. Still had to keep it covered & put antibiotic ointment on. Lots of swelling so had to keep my leg elevated . Went back on June 4th & got rest of stitches out. Looks disgusting!! Still have to keep ointment & bandage on & keep my leg elevated when I'm not moving about. Wanted to start a job tomorrow, but that was nixed by Dr. No work fot 2 -3 weeks at least, no horse back riding either!! What next???