Monday, November 14, 2011

November Happenings

What a busy time of year!! 16 1/2" of snow a couple of weeks ago. So much shoveling !! Last month we had the NH wool Tour of which I'm a participant at Spinner Farm in Deering. We had a beautiful weekend as far as weather goes and very enjoyable time with friends and fellow fiber people. Sales were down for me personally and it may be due to the fact that S.O.A.R. was in Manchester this year. They are not on our side of the world that often and when they are, people flock to it. I would love to have gone too!!!.
Also last month was the VT. Sheep and Wool Festival in Tunbridge, VT.
I enjoyed that immensely and bought my very first cashmere roving ( a whopping $22 per oz. I purchased 1 oz. I am spinning it on my Tom Forester cashmere russian support spindle.
Have just started using support spindles. My first was a russian made by Spindizzychick. Then I got the cashmere russian and then a French, Russian Hybrid made by Lisa Chan which I love and lastly a wonderful Surprise Spindle made by Bristlecone in Colorado. It has a glass base with a yellow flower in the center. Breathtaking!!
Also at the Vt. Sheep and Wool Festival, I purchased 2 Jacob lambs from. a friend and fellow spinner. I have named them Emma and Angie.
I attended the 2nd annual NE fiber Festival in West Springfield ,MA this month with the Sugar River Spinners. It was a great day!!
Yesterday was our monthly meeting of Sugar River Spinners in Newport.
We had a great turnout and feasted on crackers,cheese,dips, fruit and desserts.
This coming weekend is the NHSWGA annual meeting in Boscowen with a lamb supper. And Sunday is the Conn. Weavers Guild meeting.