Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Cats

Tia enjoys sleeping on the wool drying table. She knows right away when there's a fresh batch drying.

Tucker enjoys the wool too, but he also likes to go out on a limb when there's a chipmunk at the end of it. ( he fell before he could make the catch) Lucky chipmunk!!

Silk Hankie

Received my 3 Silk Hankies that I won on E-Bay
today. A cocoon was enclosed so I could see what they look like. 1 cocoon makes up 1 layer of the hankie & a hankie has 6 layers. To spin you take the hankie apart 1 layer at a time & stretch it into a 2" wide piece and then spin. I tried it for the first time today. It gets easier the longer you work at it. It spins really fine.

Farmer's Market

We set up a booth at a local Farmer's Market this year to try to sell our fiber, yarns & knitted items. We have a good time spinning and visiting. There are 3 of us that work at this together.

Child's Pinwheel Sweater

I started this sweater last Saturday & finished it on Wednesday evening. It is made from the wool from my sheep which was millspun by Zeilinger Wool Co. in Mi. I dyed the wool.
The pattern is some what different than most in that it fits a 6-9 month old baby by turning it so the sleeves are closer to the bottom, rolling up the sleeves & the excess at the top acts as a hood much like a bunting. When the child is older you use it as shown, with sleeves closer to top, unroll sleeves & the shorter top part is a collar.

Jacob Sheep

Frog ( in background ) & Fresca
These girls were given to me by my daughter for a Birthday & Mother's Day gift. They are a little over a year old. They will soon be registered & will be bred this fall. Frog is very friendly, but Fresca is quite timid.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More of the animals

Holly & Hope are my Angora goats. Holly was given to me for Christmas in 2004. It seemed appropriate to name her Holly. We didn't know if she was pregnant, but one April morning when I went to the barn, I heard what sounded like a human baby crying outside !!

Lo and behold, we had baby Hope.

These "kids" vests came in handy when I had them sheared during cold weather.

Nina is one of my original sheep. She's a Romney & gives me wonderful fleeces. She gave me a little white lamb this spring. I named her Lily. I kept her. Lily's twin brother , Luke was black. Sadly he had to go to market. It sucks to be a boy !!


Baby Lily

The father of Nina's children is a registered colored Romney. He is like a big old dog, always by my side wanting to be petted.There have been times when he has rushed at me from behind so I try to keep an eye on him

Spinning Wheels

I love to spin on my Majacraft Rose spinning wheel. This is my second wheel. I learned to spin on an Asford Traveller. My 3rd wheel is an Asford Traditional & I enjoy spinning on that one too. I also have an antique walking wheel & an antique Lithuanian wheel.