Saturday, August 12, 2006

Farmer's Market

We set up a booth at a local Farmer's Market this year to try to sell our fiber, yarns & knitted items. We have a good time spinning and visiting. There are 3 of us that work at this together.


Anonymous Jenna said...

I have been quilting,knitting etc for many years and now have a new spinning wheel and loom as I am now disabled and living on Social security disability and need to suppliment my income. I see that you have sold at a farmers market as well as thru ads on webgroups...does this work well for you? What advice would you offer someone who wants to sell one of a kind knitted and woven shawls (from good wool, hand spun and dyed) and baby quilts that are origional and totally made by hand?? Any advice you could offer would be appreciated...I am building up some stock this winter and in the spring will be looking to start selling my wares. Thanks

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