Monday, January 21, 2008

Visiting Hope and Holly

On January 13th, my friend, Linda & I went to the Putnam farm in Stoddard, to look at the Llamas they have for sale. Linda was interested in a black & white one. I wasn't interested at all until we arrived there. Then I was ready to buy one too.

After leaving the farm we went to Marlow, where my goats are. Bonny Collard bought them from me in June. I've missed them so much & she's decided she wants to concentrate on registered goats, so has kindly offered to sell them back to me. Hope was receptive to me but Holly was very standoffish. It was great to see them.

My common sense eventually kicked in & I decided not to get a llama. Linda picked hers up on Saturday, Jan. 19th, with Shari Mead's help.

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