Sunday, July 27, 2008

Animal update

I'm back !! It's been extremely busy with working 2 part time jobs ( I'm actually looking for a 3rd), taking care of the animals & a husband that's been out of work since the end of April. He did have back surgery in June and after a visit back to the surgeon on the 31st of this month, we're hoping he can return to work.

I was able to get my 2 goats back on June 16th. You might know , one week later Hope showed signs of pneumonia and I had to have the vet come out. She's fine now and back to her old tricks of sneaking under the fence to greener grass!!!

In the Spring, my daughter took Willow, the Shetland/Icelandic ( after much pleading) back. She also bought my Shetland , Fanny & her twin lambs,Jill & Jake.The 2 Jacobs she had given me for my birthday went too. I was having a rough time with my husband losing so much time with back problems.

I have since gotten back Fanny and Jill. Fanny was prego when she came back so now there's 2 more ( a multi colored ewe lamb, Kizzie & black boy, Casper) They were born April 1st. They are a Shetland/Icelandic x.

My daughter called last night asking me to take Willow back as she is getting rid of all sheep and horses. So I'm off to bring her home again!! What a merry go round.

During one real bad snow storm when roofs were collapsing, I rescued 2 Jacob sheep from a Bradford family. Rebecca & Rachel are about 8 years old and may have some arthritis. They are sweet girls.

In January, I sold my female alpaca to people in Vermont. So I'm back to my original 4 gelded guys. It turns out these people also bought my friend, Cindy's 2 Alpacas.


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